11 Plus CEM Mock Exams 2022: Ealing & Slough

Examberry 11+ CEM Mocks in London & Berkshire

Our 11 Plus CEM mock exams take place in Ealing and Slough.

  • All of our mock exam papers are written by our Oxford and Cambridge University educated team
  • We use automated marking software that is an exact replica of the marking technology used by exam boards
  • Our CEM mocks run from June to September
  • We strongly recommend that you enrol your child for exams in different locations to get them used to varied exam conditions as this will be what they face on the real exam days
  • After the exam we allow your child to leave with the mock exam paper for future revision
  • Shortly after the exam we will email you their results, their ranking and video solutions for each paper

What happens at our CEM mock exams?

  • At each session we will replicate real exam conditions as far as possible so that your child gets the best preparation before sitting exams for their school(s) of choice.
  • There will be two 45 – 50 minute multiple choice papers at each mock exam.
  • There will be a short break between the two papers.
  • Each of our mock exam days uses different papers, so your child can sit multiple Examberry CEM mock exams, without any repeated questions
  • Individual sections of the mock exam are separately timed; our invigilators will guide your child through this process.
  • Once you have signed up for a mock, we will send you a list of things you need to do before arriving at your location.
  • You will also receive an audio recording that goes over some helpful tips for your child to do well.
  • Our exam invigilators are all experienced school teachers or tutors.
Mock Exams - answer sheet

Which schools do our CEM mocks prepare for?

Our CEM mock exams provide excellent preparation for the majority of schools which use CEM exams for their 11+ entrance exam, including:


What is in the CEM exam?

Our CEM style mock papers contain questions which have been carefully written to follow the difficulty level and structure of the actual CEM exam papers.

Examberry mock papers will mirror the real exams: they will be made up of individually timed sections for Verbal Reasoning (including English comprehension and grammar), Non-Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning (Maths), to fully test your child’s ability for 2022/2023 CEM exams.

How are the exams marked?

Students will be expected to record their answers on separate multiple-choice sheets. Instructions of how to do this will be given before the exams.

The answer sheets are marked using Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) which is the same scanning technology that will be used for the real CEM exams.

What happens after the exams?

We provide an in-depth analysis of your child’s performance at the mock exams so you can see how they are progressing compared to other students. After the exams, you will receive:

  • percentile rankings for all students across all Examberry centres
  • high, low and average scores for each Examberry centre


After the exam we send you the links to video tutorial answers to help your child learn and progress.

Our video answers can be paused, and you can watch them multiple times to make sure your child’s learning is complete and correct.

Booking Information

CEM Mock Exam fees:

1 Session: £75

2 x exams = 7% discount
3 x exams = 15% discount
4 x exams = 25% discount
5 or more exams = 27% discount

Confirmation and full information

Once you have paid for the mock exam(s), you will automatically receive a booking confirmation email.

One week before your mock exam(s) you will receive more detailed information about the day.

11 Plus CEM Mock Exams Locations

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