11 Plus Sutton Mock Tests 2023

Examberry 11+ Sutton Mock Tests

Our 11 Plus Sutton mock tests take place in Sutton.

Designed to replicate the real test

Our Sutton mock test papers contain questions which have been carefully written to follow the difficulty level and structure of the actual exam papers.

These mocks will prepare your child for the entrance exams for the Sutton grammar schools.

There are two different stages available for our Sutton mock tests.

Stage One: multiple choice papers in English and maths that replicate the Selective Eligibility Test (SET).

Stage Two: standard format (written answers) papers in English and maths. Stage Two exams demand longer written and detailed answers, and include multi-part maths questions and creative writing.

Which schools do our Sutton mock tests prepare for?

Our Sutton mock exams provide excellent preparation for the six Sutton grammar schools:

  • Greenshaw High School
  • Nonsuch High School
  • Sutton Grammar
  • Wallington Country Grammar School
  • Wallington High School
  • Wilson’s School

Exam Levels Explained

At Examberry, we understand that taking mock exams can be a daunting experience, especially for students who have never experienced one before.

From an unfamiliar location to being surrounded by other nervous students, it can be overwhelming to follow strict instructions on behavior, seating, and speaking.

That’s why we believe that every student deserves more than one chance to prepare for the actual entrance exam.

We’re excited to introduce our Three Level Approach, a comprehensive program designed to help students prepare step-by-step, so they can walk into the exam room with confidence and perform their best.


Most of the questions in these papers will be pitched at the expected difficulty level of the real exam, with a few easier questions since these mocks take place several months before the real thing.


These papers will be pitched at the expected difficulty level of the real exam, with a few slightly harder questions than the ‘Level One’ paper.


These papers will be pitched at a slightly higher difficulty level than the real exam, with a few questions designed to really challenge your child. Having sat a ‘Level Three’ mock, your child will be extremely well prepared for the real exam, which is likely to be easier than this.

What does my child gain from the ‘Level One, Level Two, Level Three’ system?

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