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7 Plus Mock Exams 2024

Examberry 7+ Mock Tests

Our 7 Plus mock exams take place in Ealing.

As each independent school sets its own entrance exam, there can be various structures and question types across these exams.

However, the majority of 7+ exams consist of English and Maths papers. Many also test Dictation and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Our 7+ mocks will test on all of these areas.

In our 7+ independent school mocks, we have incorporated the most complex and demanding styles of questions that usually appear in these exams.

The Examberry Mocks Formula For 11+ Success

Replicates the real exam

Written by our in-house Examberry Papers team, our mocks are carefully crafted to closely emulate the actual tests

Expert video explanations

Unlimited access to video explanations for every question (click here to view sample)

Take the papers home

We are the only leading mock provider that allows you access to the paper after the exam

In-depth analysis

Detailed feedback about your child's performance will highlight your child's strengths and weaknesses

Quick results

Results delivered within five working days via your personalised, password-protected online account

Compare to the competition

Receive comparative ranking stats and our recommendation of how high your child should be scoring

Real exam conditions

Get your child used to exam days to boost their confidence for the real exam

Meticulous marking

Constructive comments on each answer from our experienced Oxbridge graduate marking team

Which schools do our 7+ mocks prepare for?

Our 7+ mock exams provide excellent preparation for the majority of schools, including:

  • Alleyn’s Junior School
  • Bancroft’s School
  • Bedford School
  • Brighton College Prep Kensington
  • Brighton College Prep School
  • Bute House
  • City Junior School
  • City of London School for Girls
  • Dragon School
  • Dulwich College Junior School
  • Dulwich Prep School
  • Durston House School
  • Eltham College
  • Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls
  • Haberdashers’ Boys’ School
  • Highgate Junior School
  • Latymer Prep School
  • Magdalen College School
  • Merchant Taylors’ Prep School
  • St Paul’s Juniors
  • UCS Hampstead
  • Westminster Under School
  • Wetherby Prep School

Detailed creative writing marking

Our 7+ mocks are hand-marked with care by an experienced marking team of Oxbridge graduates.

  • We provide comprehensive feedback on all writing tasks, highlighting strengths and pinpointing areas for improvement to ensure development in writing skills before the real exam.
  • Our feedback isn’t just about marking, but about giving detailed, constructive advice that guides students towards improvement. We don’t just tell students what is wrong, we show them how to make it right.

What is a 'Session'?

Each letter (e.g. A, B or C) represents an Exam Session. Each Session uses a specific set of papers.
Please note that some Sessions are repeated once or twice throughout the mock season. ‘Repeat’ labels in the booking table below will indicate these.

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Exam Type
Each letter (e.g. A, B or C) represents an Exam Session. Each Session uses a specific set of papers.
Please note that some Sessions are repeated once or twice throughout the mock season (indicated by 'Repeat' labels).
Please view the Venues page for full details
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Ealing 2
Standard Format
Sat 21st September
10.30am - 1.00pm
This is a repeat of a previous Session.
Ealing 1
Standard Format
Sat 26th October
2.30pm - 5.00pm
Ealing 2
Standard Format
Sat 5th October
10.30am - 1.00pm

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