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About Our Mocks


Examberry mock exam days provide a formal setting replicating the real exam day.

We recommend registering your child for a minimum of 2 exams to allow for sufficient practice and familiarisation with an exam setting.

For the majority of children it will be the first time they have sat a formal exam so this can be daunting and many are anxious and nervous.

However, by the second exam children are always more comfortable with their surroundings and therefore their exam scores tend to be a more realistic measure of their ability and level.

On The Day

Please arrive in good time for your exam. Registration begins fifteen minutes before each exam.

We ask parents to leave promptly once their children have been registered.

This allows us to start on time and helps replicate the real exam days when children may be asked to wait without their parents for extended periods.

Please see the booking page for exam times. We will not make allowances for latecomers.

There will be a break between papers.

Please collect your child promptly at the end of the exam

What to bring: 

  • Sharpened HB pencils and rubber in a clear transparent pencil case
  • A water bottle labelled with your child’s name

After The Mock

All mock results are delivered within 5 working days after the day the exam was held (for example, if your child sits an exam on Saturday or Sunday, you will receive their results by the following Friday) via your personal online account on our mocks website, which is automatically created when you book one of our mock exams.

Along with your results, you will receive:

  • Individual percentage breakdowns of each paper your child sat (e.g. English and Maths)
  • Analysis of your child’s results with recommendations for next steps
  • A ‘Categories Overview’ document for each paper that breaks down the topics covered and the relative difficulty level of each individual question, allowing you to hone in on areas of improvement specific to your child
  • Individual video explanations for each question in the papers your child sat (regardless of whether your child got them right or wrong)
  • A carefully hand-marked PDF of your child’s exam script with detailed, personalised feedback (for standard format/stage 2 handwritten exams only)
  • A Creative Writing feedback document (for standard format/stage 2 handwritten exams only)
  • You will also be provided with an overall ranking for the exam and individual rankings by subject, allowing you to measure your child’s results against the rest of their cohort

What about revising for our mocks?


We have a range of practice papers available in digital and physical format at Examberry Papers to aid your child’s revision.

Our practice papers provide a realistic mock to do at home in preparation for an Examberry mock exam day or for further practice afterwards.

Our range includes:

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