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About Us

Who are we?

Examberry is an 11+ tuition centre established in Ealing, London, in 2009. With a passion for education and consistent success in helping pupils achieve places in their chosen schools, Examberry has expanded rapidly, now operating out of six tuition centres and comprising three complimentary lines of business: 11+ Tuition, 11+ Papers and 11+ Mock Exams. Our strength in all three areas has contributed to our status as a leading provider of mock exams in the London area.

Papers prepared in-house and tailored to specific exam boards

Our mock exams are written in-house by Examberry Papers, a dedicated team with extensive experience writing 11+ test papers for use at home and by other educational institutions, including top London independent schools. We have also worked with MENSA and Channel 4’s Child Genius programme. This background has allowed us to perfect our method for testing our materials to ensure they are of the highest possible quality. Proofed in multiple stages, our mock papers have each been tailored to a specific exam board so as to mirror as closely as possible the timing, format and content of a real 11+ exam.

An authentic exam experience

We run all our mocks under strict exam conditions to replicate what your child will face on the day of the real entrance exams. We understand that our mocks may be your child’s first time sitting an exam, and so strive to make it as realistic as possible!

What makes our mocks unique?

At Examberry, we are keenly aware of the competitive nature of the 11+. Therefore, to make your child’s mock exam experience as valuable as possible, we provide a number of features unique to us that are designed to help boost your child’s confidence and to provide you with as much information as possible about your child’s performance.

We provide mocks of two different difficulty levels: one replicates a standard 11+ exam, and the other designed to stretch your child with a number of extra-tricky questions. This gives your child room to improve and provides them with the best possible chance of outperforming other candidates in the real exam! For a more detailed explanation of our difficulty levels, please refer to the booking page.

Our mocks are marked by experienced markers and returned promptly to you within five working days (i.e. on the Friday after the mock takes place) via our secure Examberry online platform. Along with your child’s mock exam results you will receive access to peer rankings, detailed analysis of your child’s performance, an overview of the question categories that appeared in the exam, and video explanations of each question to help your child close any gaps in their 11+ knowledge and advance their scores.

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