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Examberry Mocks: The Full Benefits

Last updated: April 16, 2024

Replicates the real exam

Get your child used to exam days to boost their confidence for the real exam.

Written by our in-house Examberry Papers team, our mocks are carefully crafted to closely emulate the actual tests.

At Examberry, we are keenly aware that this may be your child’s first experience of taking an exam, and so we strive to make each aspect of the exam as close as possible to the real thing. Our papers are all written by our in-house Examberry Papers team and have undergone a meticulous process of proofing, allowing us to deliver highly accurate tests tailored to a range of exam types and closely replicating the real 11+ exam papers that your child will sit.

All our exams are conducted in real school exam halls, with exam-style desks, recorded instructions and a team of invigilators. We find this helps our students as it gives them time to adjust to exam conditions so that they are comfortable and calmer when it comes to the real thing.

Expert video explanations

Unlimited access to video explanations for every question.

We are the only leading mock provider to supply video explanations for every question on the paper, regardless whether your child got the question right or wrong. We believe this helps your child to get as much as they possibly can out of one of our mocks, allowing them to review questions they were unsure of or guessed the answers to. We also provide access to the videos right up until the end of the 11+ exam season (the end of January).

To see an example of one of our videos, please click here.

Take the papers home

We are the only leading mock provider that allows you access to the paper after the exam.

We believe this helps your child to get as much as they possibly can out of one of our mocks, allowing them to revisit questions they were unsure of, taking their time to review and understand the answers using our video explanations.

In-depth analysis

Detailed feedback about your child’s performance will highlight their strengths and weaknesses.

We provide analysis about your child’s performance, giving you insight into what their results mean and where they are at this stage relative to the competition. The analysis includes further information about the exam type your child sat and suggestions for next steps, including how best to take advantage of our video explanations and “Categories Overview” document to most efficiently hone in on areas for improvement and make the most of your results.

Quick results

Results delivered within five working days via your personalised, password-protected online account.

We know how important it is for children to receive their results while the exam is still fresh in their minds, and we therefore guarantee all results, analysis, feedback documents and video explanations are made accessible to you by the Friday after your child sits their mock!

Compare to the cohort

Receive comparative ranking stats and our recommendation of how high your child should be scoring.

Machine marking

We use the same OCR software employed by 11+ examination boards to mark multiple-choice answer sheets. Click here to get a free video which explains how to perfectly fill out a multiple-choice answer sheet!

Meticulous marking

Constructive comments on each answer from our experienced Oxbridge graduate marking team.

The care put into your child’s feedback from our highly experienced marking team is unmatched!

To see an example of a marked creative writing piece, please click here. 

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