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Hall-based grammar & independent school mock entrance exams

Examberry 11+ Mock Exams 2022

  • Our hall-based Mock Exams in Ealing, Kingston and Slough are held from June to October each year.
  • We cover the major exam types used by the majority of schools.
  • View exam type options or call us to discuss your needs.
  • Mock exams are a crucial part of the 11+ journey. Please see our mock preparation section for advice on how to get ready for our mock exam days.
  • Discounts are offered for multiple mock exam bookings; please see booking page for details.
  • Current Examberry Tuition students get a further 25% off all bookings.

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Expert exam practice

Our mock exams held in Ealing, Kingston and Slough, provide valuable exam practice for all children taking the 11+ tests.

Attending a mock day – with tests done under exam conditions – is a very useful experience to familiarise children with the feelings and anxieties they will encounter on the test day itself.

The children will need to be independent, look after their own clear pencil cases and other belongings, and ask questions for themselves.

How many mock exams should we take?

We recommend all children register for a minimum of 2 exams. The most appropriate tests for your child depends on the schools you have applied for. Please regularly check your chosen schools’ websites for updates on their admissions exams, as these can be subject to change at short notice.

Which mock exam is which?

Each unique set of papers has a number, for example CEM 1 and CEM 2 are two different sets of CEM style mock papers.

It is therefore possible to sit more than one set of CEM exams.

Mock Exam Types

11+ GL Assessment Stage 1 Mock Exams

Stage 1 Maths & English A papers are multiple choice questions and are suitable for GL exams for both Single Stage and First Stage Grammar Schools exams where there is a two stage admission process e.g Tiffin School.

There are 3 different Stage 1 papers.

‘A’ papers will be collected after each exam to be marked, scanned and then emailed to you within 7 days.

11+ GL Assessment Stage 2 Mock Exams

Stage 2 Maths & English B papers are longer written and detailed questions (i.e. creative writing, longer maths style questions) which are suitable for Independent Schools and 2nd Stage Grammar Schools

There are 3 different Stage 2 papers.

‘B’ papers will be collected, marked with corrections, and posted to you within 7 days.

11+ CEM Mock Exams

CEM papers are used by many schools. These include the Slough Consortium Schools.

There are four different mock papers:

  1. CEM1
  2. CEM2
  3. CEM3
  4. CEM4

CEM papers will be collected after each exam to be marked, scanned and then emailed to you within 7 days.

11+ Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Mock Exams

Some schools will have separate Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning papers. There is, however, an element of verbal and non-verbal reasoning in all English and Maths papers.

We recommend taking these exams for independent schools and the more competitive grammar schools.

There are two different mock papers:

  1. VN1
  2. VN2

The Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning papers will be collected after each exam to be marked, scanned and then emailed to you within 7 days.

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