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      Exam Difficulty Levels Explained

      At Examberry, we realise that it may take your child a while to get used to sitting an exam in real test conditions. It is completely normal for your child to feel overwhelmed the first time they sit in an exam hall.

      If children do not perform as well as they hope in the first mock exam they sit, they should not be disheartened; we believe that they should be given another chance to learn and to improve.

      We manage this learning process by offering two difficulty levels:


      These papers will be pitched at the expected difficulty level of the real exam.


      These papers will be pitched at the expected difficulty level of the real exam, but contain a few extra-tricky questions designed to really challenge your child. Having sat a ‘Stretch’ exam, your child will be extremely well prepared for the real exam.

      What does my child gain from the two-tier system?

      • The chance to get used to working in exam conditions before sitting the more challenging exams.
      • The chance to learn from each exam and steadily improve. In our analysis of your child’s performance, we will identify the areas they found challenging so that they can work on these before sitting another mock.
      • Gradual improvement in exam technique.
      • Steady growth in confidence.