Terms and Conditions

All parents/guardians must ensure the following Terms and Conditions are read before making a booking for Mock Examinations. Upon making a booking, the following Terms and Conditions apply.


In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms have the meanings stated below: ‘Child’ means the child who is registered to attend an exam at Examberry ‘Client’ means the parent/guardian of the Child registered to attend an exam at Examberry.


This agreement is between the Client and Examberry Tuition Limited.


  1. You may not transfer or resell your mock exam booking.
  2. Each mock exam can only be booked for a named student. The student name can be changed once a booking has been made, subject to an amendment fee of £10.00.
  3. Please note that we are unable to accommodate children who need extra time as they will usually need to be invigilated separately.

Charges for Cancellations

  1. Mock Exam bookings can be cancelled up to 10 days before the scheduled mock exam, subject to a cancellation fee of £20.00 for each mock exam session cancelled. You will be refunded the balance of the price paid to the payment card that you used to make the booking.

Charges for Amending your Booking

  1. Mock Exam bookings may be amended to an alternative session date, at any time up to 5 days before the date of the exam you have booked.
  2. Amendments will incur a £10.00 amendment fee per exam and are subject to availability.
  3. If there are no suitable available mocks exam dates, then we regret that a cancellation of your booking will only be possible if you have made your request at least 10 days before the scheduled mock exam.

Emergency Contact Information

  1. You are required to provide an emergency contact number for each child. This is the number we will use to contact you in the event of an emergency relating to the child during a mock exam session. It is your responsibility to ensure that the number you provide is correct and is for the relevant parent or appropriate adult who will be dropping/collecting the child on the day of the exam. Please ensure you update this information nearer the exam date should it change from that originally supplied.

Mock Exam Papers

  1. Examberry mock exam papers are copyright© Examberry Tuition Ltd and whole copies are not released to students or parents. However, you will be able to access questions that the student skipped or got wrong in the feedback report.

Remarking Requests

  1. We will agree to remark your child’s mock exam paper which will incur a charge of £15.00 provided the request is made within 5 days of the exam, as exam papers are destroyed after each sitting.

Health & Safety

  1. You must ensure that the parent/guardian or responsible person is entrusted with dropping off and collecting their child from the venue and that the child is aware and familiar with the adult who will be collecting them.
  2. You must ensure that you provide an accurate contact number on registration, and that this is updated if it changes prior to the exam, in case of an emergency.
  3. The Client shall notify Examberry in writing at registration if the Child suffers from any medical injury, condition (including allergies) or disability that ought to be brought to the attention of Examberry.
  4. The Client is responsible for informing Examberry of any changes to the Child’s circumstances.
  5. In the event that a Child suffers from an allergy, Examberry will take precautions as instructed by the Client to protect the Child from exposure, however we cannot guarantee non-exposure.

Limited Liability

  1. We use our best endeavours to ensure that each mock exam proceeds on the scheduled day. However, we reserve the right to cancel a mock exam session, due to circumstances beyond our control, or other reason, and in this event our liability will be limited to the amount you have paid. A full refund will be made in the event of any cancellation made by us.
  2. We exclude liability for damages for any claims in law including contract, negligence, tort or statute or otherwise.

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